March 17, 2017

Good and Affordable? | Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick

The other day I was searching for a kinda nude lipstick that I could wear on a daily basis. I decided to try this one from the Essence line Matt Matt Matt. I have to say that I'm super happy with it. I got the colour 2 which is a super wearable pinky nude, and despite the matte finish, it's really comfortable on the lips. The colour lasts a long time but it's not transfer proof. The packaging is super cute and the lids are intended to match the colour of the lipstick, except they kinda don't =P
Now I'm definitely curious about the other colours, and maybe I'll get a bolder one, to see how it performs on the lips, but I'd say this line is very promising.
Bought at Clarel for 2.89€, so as you can see, this product is a righful member of the Good and Affordable family.

Take care!

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