March 28, 2017

Highlighters | Liquid, stick or powder?

I don't find highlighters a must in my daily routine . But whenever I feel the need to glow, I like to add that extra something, Currently, I have 3 different illuminator formulas: liquid, stick and powder. I use them differently and I kinda like the finish of each one. Now that I've been using them for a while, I'll share with you my opinion on them.

Flormar Double Radiance Primer - it's actually a primer but I use it as liquid a highlighter. Sometimes I mix it with my foundation for that glowy finish and it works just fine. But I rather use it on top of my foundation, either tapping some product with my fingers for a more intense glow, or with the sponge for a subtle finish. It last a long time on the skin.
Even though the packaging seems nice, it's plastic and the lid is already broken and keeps falling; and also I have no idea why the pump stop working after some applications, which means I have to take it off whenever I want to use it. 
It comes in just one shade and it's actually quite dark for my liking, so I only use it when I'm tanned. The shade selection should definitely be broader, and for the price I truly think they should improve the packaging, but all in all, it's a nice product.

Bought at Flormar for about 22€.

H&M Glow-to-Go Highlighter stick - I have to admit that I just got this one because it was on sale, mostly because I find this to be the trickiest formula. I'm always scared that it'll move my foundation around so I tap it onto my face (for quite some time I must add if I want a nice colour payoff) rather than applying it in a swip motion. The pigmentation is ok, but I don't think it lasts a long time on my skin.
I have the shade Rose Quartz, but since that was the only one at the store, I honestly don't know if it's the only one available. It's pretty but a little too pink than I'd like.

Bought at H&M for 2.99€ (on sale).

Catrice Limited Edition Nude Purism Pure Shimmer Highlighter - it's a powder formula and I thought it would be more on the golden side but it's actually pretty light, so I'm not wearing this one during Summer. It not too dusty but it's not very creamy either. The pigmentation is not like out of this world, and I also tap it with my fingers to get the most out of it, because when I use a brush the glow will be really subtle. It doesn't last a lot of time on my face, even when I apply it on my lids. For the price that I paid it's ok, but I do think there are better drugstore highlighters that can beat this one easily.

Bought at Well's for 3€ (on sale).

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