February 21, 2017

Good and Affordable? | Brow fixators

Hello everyone!

I usually struggle a bit with my brows to keep them in place. I don't know how to cut them and honestly I've seen some bad examples that really make me want to avoid it. So I've tried these brow fixators, mostly because I do think they're really practical to work with. They all are under 6€, and since I've been using them for some time now, I thought about sharing my opinion on them.

Essence Lash and Brow gel mascara - it's a clear gel and the wand is like the ones in mascaras. I never used it on my lashes so I can't talk about the effect on them, but I feel that it does absolutely nothing for my brows. Did not like it and I'm still figuring out if I'll give it a shot on my lashes.
Essence make me brow - I bought it because I wanted to try a tinted fixator. I love the small applicator which is really nice to apply the product if you don't have bushy brows. I don't notice my brows any thicker of darker after applying it and, like the previous one, I don't think my brows are on fleek.

Both of Essence brow gels can be found on Well's, Clarel, Maquillalia.com and Primor.eu.
Flormar Eyebrow fixator mascara - Oh yes, now we're talking! This stuff look like concrete on my brows! It is also a clear gel and comes with a small comb-like applicator. You really have to take the excess off before applying it, otherwise your lashes will look very wet, but it does a pretty good job holding them all day long (mine, at least...). It would be perfect if it was tinted, but as far as I know they don't have a tinted one yet. I like to use the Essence make me brow on top on this one just to take out any wet look it may leave behind, but all in all, I do think this product is a nice option.

You can find this product at Flomar shops.

I hope you find this post useful.
Take care!

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  1. I really want to give a try to essence's eyebrow products, they seem sooo good!
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