January 19, 2017

Review | Kiko Milano Mat Fluid

This mattifying fluid from Kiko Milano is just perfect when you want that extra something to fight oiliness and/or you want an alternative for powders. Super light weight, it's fast absorbing and lets the skin incredibly soft and hydrated. I feel that it gets rid of the oiliness almost immediatly although the effect doesn't last that long. It does a pretty decent job but considering this ideal for oily skin is pushing a little bit. The scent is nice and soft, and it comes with a pump mechanism that pushes the product up, so you can use it until the very last drop.

I've used it in a lot of ways and I was never disapointed. I like to mix it with my foundations or CC creams either when they have that almost powdery finish and I don't want to use any compact powder on top but I do want to prevent my greasy T zone to pop up; or even when I feel like toning down the dewyness.
Also, sometimes in those Summer days when it's boiling hot and I don't want to use foundation and risking looking like a freaking mess, I just threw it in my bag and apply it whenever my T zone is losing control.

I do think this is a very convenient product and I'll definitely buying it again.

Bought at Kiko Milano for about 7€ on sale.

Take care!

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  1. Fiquei curiosa com este produto pois tenho a pele super oleosa, tenho que ir espreitar na Kiko :)