January 04, 2017

Review | Weleda and Cien Nature Shampoos

Lately, I have been really into more natural and organic beauty products. They are not really easy to find, at least in Portugal, and when you find them, the prices scary you. But I understand that companies use chemicals for a lot of reasons, the most important one being to cut costs of production, although most of the chemicals are way too agressive to our body, particularly synthetic detergents like sulfates. I decided to try just natural shampoos, not masks or conditioners because our scalp is highly vascularized and the chemicals are easily absorbed in this area. Since I don't use masks/conditioners in my roots I think I'll stick with products that I've been using so far.

With that being said, if you are also concerned about the amount of chemicals that we use in our daily routine and you want to diminish them, you might be interested in these two "more natural" shampoos.   
The first one if from the brand Weleda, that produces a whole range of natural beauty products. I bought it in Primor and 190 mL (not even the full 200 mL) costed me 7.99€ (on sale) You have several types of shampoos for different hair needs, and mine is the Oat Replenishing shampoo for Dry & Damaged hair

You can see by the composition that it doesn't contain sulfates (particularly the SLS one) and it has a lot of ingredients from natural oils, being a true natural shampoo.

The second one is a more affordable option, from the brand Cien and it can be found on LIDL supermarkets. It costed me 2.49€, you get 200 mL, and it is meant for dry and damaged hair

Unfortunately you can see from the ingredients list that it does contain sulfates (in the form of Sodium Coco-Sulfate), and that is probably why this one is way cheaper. However I decided to include this one in the "more natural" category because even though sulfates are present, they are in a less amount than usual (supposedly...)

Both products have the consistency of clear gel, the scent is nice and, I would say subtle. When you use sulfate-free produts most of the times you have the feeling that your hair isn't properly cleaned, due to the lack of foam. However, the Weleda Shampoo has biodegradable surfactants that produce some foam so it's not a weird feeling when you first try it. As for the Cien Shampoo, well, the sulfates will do their work and produce the foam we think we need to fell our hair and scalp deeply washed.

Honestly, I don't think my hair looks any different since I started using these products. If anything, I would say it feels kinda dry, even though both are meant for dry hair. However, as long as I can control it with a conditioner I don't see it as a major drawback. 

I hope you find this post useful for your hair care choices, and if you want to know more about the Weleda products you can check them here.

Take care! *

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  1. Hmm já vi essa gama de produtos no Lidl e fiquei curiosa. E se dizes que a consistência é transparente, ainda melhor. Penso que esses shampos limpam melhor o meu cabelo do que os opacos!